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Transform Gonta into a true gentleman in the captivating visual novel game, Gentleman Dress Up. Created by independent developer tsingeli, this fan game is based on the popular VN Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, but offers a unique twist by focusing on Gonta Gokuhura's journey to become a respected member of society. Unlike the original game, Gentleman Dress Up does not feature any violent action, instead immersing players in the world of fashion and style.

Gentleman Dress Up is a simple yet engaging game, reminiscent of simulation games with similar themes. The gameplay is straightforward - Gonta will introduce each event and provide dress requirements before you embark on the dressing up part. With a wardrobe full of clothes, including pants, shirts, and formal wear, you can experiment with different outfits to help Gonta achieve his desired gentlemanly look. Additionally, you have the option to accessorize and even change Gonta's hairstyle and eye color.

Once you feel satisfied with Gonta's attire, simply click the "done" button to see how well you followed the dress code. The game will score your outfit, and if you achieve a certain score, beloved characters from NDRV3 will make appearances, adding an extra layer of excitement and collectability to the game.

Gentleman Dress Up boasts vibrant and colorful artwork, with well-animated character designs, particularly Gonta. However, it's worth noting that you may encounter some technical issues, particularly with the app's performance. To run the dress-up game in your browser, you'll need to have Adobe Flash installed and enabled.

If you're a fan of NDRV3, Gentleman Dress Up offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience. While the game may become slightly repetitive as you dress up Gonta for various occasions, its simplicity and appealing visuals make it suitable for casual gamers. However, it lacks a reward system beyond unlocking additional NDRV3 characters, which may limit long-term engagement.

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